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About Us

Family Business

Gordon Barr left his roots and his home in the picturesque Ottawa Valley as a licensed plumber to pursue a business with his brother Mel in Kingston, Ontario. Known for his versatility, Gordon was mechanically inclined, detail-oriented and by all rights, a savvy businessman. He saw the need and the opportunity for a heavy civil company in Southeastern Ontario. In 1949, driven by his love of construction and his desire to grow, Gordon Barr Limited was created with a single piece of equipment.  

Gordon, alongside his wife Ethel, raised their large family of six kids with the boys, Bert, Brian and Brent learning the best methods of construction. Each of them showed a keen interest in following in their father’s footsteps to join and eventually carry on the family business. The second generation took over the company after the death of their Father in 1979.
The brothers continued their Father’s work ethics and slowly continued to build their company. Working with a solid staff, great general contractors and learning and understanding the industry has helped mold the business and created one of the largest water and sewer contractors in eastern Ontario.

With the addition of Jordan, Rachel, and Holden to the team as well as the addition of Barr Homes in 2004, the Barr name will continue to be prominent in the construction industry in Kingston and area.


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Why Red?

All of our equipment is painted red, as it was Gordon Barr’s favorite colour due to its ability to standout in a crowd. Even during the beginning of the company’s existence, all the equipment was painted red to indicate that it was a piece belonging to Gordon Barr Limited and to display the pride that was held in their business by the Barr family. This tradition and pride continues today.